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Beautiful Wood Kitchen Cabinets

People underestimate the beauty and utility that can be added to a home with just the addition of new kitchen cabinets. At Cabinetry World of Bloomington, Minnesota, we'll show you just how affordable and attractive new custom cabinets can be. We build our cabinets with all-wood boxes, and use 5/8" dovetail joints to ensure the longest life. Our cabinets offer full-extension and include all drawer hardware, and our special designs don't slam when they close thanks to slow door hinges.

Creating a Striking Result

Creating our unique results requires dedication and attention to detail. To reach that result, we use a multi-step painting process to achieve perfect coverage and a lasting finish that catches any gaze. One natural wood finishes, we have matching wood skins available for the ends for an uninterrupted look. You can choose any style you like in our gallery, and our specialists will come to your home and measure the room to ensure the perfect fit. Due to the special nature of the product, it can take up to three weeks to receive and install your cabinets. If you like, you can install them yourself. They are fully assembled and never pre-packaged, ensuring a beautiful, completely custom look for your home.